Horse Walkers

Horse Sheds is an authorized agent of many premium products.

Horse Sheds’s range of Equine walkers have been designed to get the most out of your horse’s workout. With bigger bays for horses to exercise in, you will find your horse will relax and go to work more contently than on traditional walkers. Your horses have the room to stop, move, turn around and take off again freely without being concerned about the walker coming in contact with them. Built with Planetary gearboxes these walkers are tuff and reliable while taking the abuse belt, wheel and chain driven systems can’t. Planetary gears are used to drive some of the most popular brand name earth-moving equipment on the market today due to their performance and reliability under load. There is a lot of weight in any walker to get moving from a stand still and even more to stop it and go the other way. It is no wonder belts burn, chains stretch and wheel driven walkers slip.

Along with our dry walkers Horse Sheds can also offer the AquaTech Equine Water Walker, Due to its design as well as the technical and structural characteristics the AquaTech equine water walker provides many physical and therapeutic benefits for your horses.

Horses do not swim but tread water and move freely within the corridor with the added benefit of being able to change directions.

The Aqua Tech equine water walker is available in as the traditional round walker but also as a oval giving amazing benefit for humans and horses.

With our state of the art water filtration system gives you clean pure water with NO nasty chemicals or salts keeping your horses legs clean and irritation free with no need to hose legs after use.

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