Equestrian Property Improvements

Horse Sheds understand that with a high quality equestrian property comes maintenance.

Horse Sheds is the Victorian agent of a Geo Technical grid designed especially for the equine industry,

Our Geo-Technical grid can be used to resurface a whole paddock/yard, or just the boggy corners and gateways. They are economical, easy to install and, best of all, require little ongoing maintenance, even in areas of heavy use. 
Our Geo-Technical grid surface stabilisation solutions are ideal for areas such as:
• Muddy day yards;
• Gate entrances;
• Areas under water troughs; and
• Areas around feed bins.
How do they work?
Our Geo-Technical grid create a multi-layered drainage system that drains water from the surface, reducing erosion and eliminating compaction of the substructure. The result is a surface that is solid, dry and secure even with constant use and in heavy rainfall. 
The Grids are durable, having a load baring capacity of 200 tonne/sqm once installed, meaning that they will not wear through even with constant use from horses that paw or pace

Horse Sheds also supply a wide range of Arena Grooms, Driveway Rakes, ABI Elite Spreader and the Limbinator.

The Rascal LGR™ is a highly versatile tow style ground preparation utility attachment for quad bikes, ATVs and compact tractors. This patented attachments is ideal for maintaining dirt & gravel driveways, small horse arenas, round pens, paddocks, pastures, trails, seedbed preparation and so much more.

The Arena Rascal® Pro is the best selling professional grade area drag on the US market, designed for use behind Quad Bikes, ATVs and compact tractors, this groomer offers a radical change in how arena footings (riding surfaces) are maintained.

The Limbinator Saw™ mounts directly to the front end loader of your tractor, skid loader or backhoe. 
This commercial-grade chainsaw attaches easily to a receiver on the back of your front end loader or bucket and connects to your tractor's auxiliary hydraulics.

ABI Elite Spreader, If you are a horse owner looking to improve horse manure management practices on your property, the innovative design of the “ABI Elite Spreader” will make this possible without the danger and hassle of using a traditional spreader.

Along with the massive range of property maintenance machinery Horse Sheds also stock a wide range of fencing, gates, troughs, feeders, MUD control and dust suppressants making Horse Sheds a one stop shop for all your property maintenance needs.


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