HORSE SAFE Equestrian Stables

Horse Sheds are the number one option when it comes to stable fit-outs, We supply a large range of stable systems from our Standard galvanized panels right trough to our Premium powder coated panels.

All of Horse Sheds stable panels have been designed to create a stress free environment for you and your horses. They have been designed to be HORSE SAFE, stylish, functional whilst built out of the highest quality materials making them the perfect choice for you.

Horse Sheds can offer a large range of stable accessories and options including:

  • Galvanized or Powder Coated Finnish’s
  • Sliding or Swinging Doors
  • A range of Timber our Synthetic infill’s
  • Anti weaving bars
  • Feeders
  • Hay Racks
  • Automatic Water Troughs
  • Tender Foot stable rubber


Whilst stable panels are the most traditional method to divide your horse throughout the night they are not always the cheapest, Horse Sheds offer a range of HORSE SAFE panels and gates that are perfect for the temporary our budget stable block.

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